Not even BusinessWeek can fool me


I want to revisit this great story in BusinessWeek about how blogs have advanced in business. I touched on it superficially a couple of posts ago, but it deserves another few words.

A major point of the piece is that social media has exploded all over the place, but for me the real meat is how they discovered the ramp up in relevance: comments. Having left the story up online since its publication in 2005, the editors saw it was visited continually and began to ask readers for input about what was missing.

That’s a phenomenal testimony to the power and shelf life of online publishing, especially within a blog. It gives an indication of the great potential that corporations have to chart a story over a period of time — with the help of their audience.

The insistence that YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, etc. have grown to prominence in the business world is, however, an assertion I don’t buy. Certainly not in the professional services space. While the biggest of the big are in the mix, I work with sizable, fairly sophisticated clients who still snicker when podcasts are mentioned, let alone microblogging and social networking. To BusinessWeek reporter Stephen Baker’s credit, he does downplay the current acceptance of these elements in a podcast (below), but the article itself focuses quite a bit on their rising prominence.

Worth a listen: BusinessWeek’s podcast episode on the blogging story.


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