Basketball break


Working virtually today, I sit in a lobby in Boston and count the basketball conversations that pass by me. 1…2…28…34.

I know, this has nothing to do with media or the online world (although I can shoehorn this in by plugging the AT&T USBConnect, which has changed my life in ways that Tivo could only dream of). But as one of seemingly 8 trillion sports fans that achieved maturity solely by experiencing the Celtics/Lakers and Celtics/Pistons matchups of the 80s, I might as well cast my voice into the mix.

Ainge hitting 11 three-pointers. Larry hitting everything. McHale being…gangly. Laimbeer roughing up the entire team, elbow by elbow. Kareem in Airplane.

Glory days? Sure. But from a Bostonian perspective, I have to wonder how the new generation will define glory. Back then, there was true, enduring dominance from a group of charismatic winners. Today, these is an intense annual cycle of dominance from hired professionals: Superbowls, World Series, NBA Finals (does the NBA need to come up with a better brand for its Finals? Answer: yes.). Victory is a part of everyday life, so different from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Did it make the Bird era more valuable? More emotional? Did it make those players immortal in a way that these 2008 Celtics can never be? In the words of a great world leader (230 days left) we all know and love, “history will decide.”

Important note: I don’t assert that we’re better off losing, as some sad sports journalists claimed just prior to the Red Sox 2004 World Series victory. All in life is cyclical, and just as the markets will settle, Boston sports will one day recede into mediocrity again.

See? I got it back to a business slant. I knew I could do it.


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