2008: The Year of Living Online?


Something’s happening out there. Ok, a lot is happening out there, if you want to count political frenzy, an onslaught of weather-related disasters, and the passing of Sidney Pollack. But I speak more of the business handshake with online media, which is suddenly moving from limp-fish to firm deal closing status.

Is this BusinessWeek article an indication of things to come or a true reflection of the current environment? I vote somewhere inbetween, especially on the social networking aspects.

And I think the title, Beyond Blogs, is misleading — we’re not beyond blogs, we’re beyond the initial stages of blogs. As recently as a year ago, the main gripe was the inability to distinguish between basement-dwelling teen bloggers and legitimate business minds, but as predicted that is now shaking out. Maybe the ratio of readability is still 90% cringe-worthy to 10% value, but the readers are slowly and steadily choosing the content they rely upon…and that’s the point, right?


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