Random observations on a launch pitch


Announcing the launch of Fresh Pond Capital , a SRI firm with a focus on women investors, I can’t help but notice that the online hunger for information once again demonstrates its value over print media. Some pickup of the announcement is automatic, some requires follow-up, but most appears in near real-time once interest is sparked. This gives two waves of coverage, one immediate and one secondary (and often a little more thoughtful). The upside is clear: news is better targeted for regular readers that visit on bookmarks or subscribe to feeds with the goal of receiving quick hits of news they actually care about. The downside is that while online shelf-life is almost eternal, prominence on the targeted sites is fleeting.

In the end, the key is the same as in the old paradigm. Relationships with target outlets yield mutually beneficial results – the right news for the right people. The nuances of building such ties have changed, though, and the challenge should be inspiring to our generation of communicators.


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