Will the A/V club save the business world?


When the economy gets itchy — and right now, let’s say it’s got a subprime rash that’s spreading down the torso (I know, not a pleasant visual) — PR and marketing firms traditionally get scratched pretty fast. We know this. We also know that thought leadership and brand elevation is no less important in down years than it is in happy frolicking times…it may in fact be more critical to keep that visibility up and the expertise rolling, as business development crews can use the ammunition.

More good news: this is not our fathers’ business climate. The same economic rules may apply but the marketing world is drastically different; there are cost effective methods of maintaining thought leadership programs. Audiocasts and white papers can be pulled together quickly, posted online and pushed to the world for short money. As Telos has espoused on many occasions, these vehicles are overtaking conventional and more expensive PR techniques in terms of effectiveness and acceptance.

Video is starting to catch up, as well. Inc. magazine has a good perspective on this…makes sense, given its audience of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Their look at internal and viral video’s steady march towards acceptance as a marketing tool is worth a look:

Key words in that podcast: “It’s getting a lot cheaper and it’s getting a lot easier.” Everybody likes sentences like that.


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