Business and You and…YouTube


Don’t look now, but the content in the business sector just stumbled on another monolith. As we mentioned earlier this year, youth and politicians already grasped the potential of putting new delivery vehicles – specifically video and audiocasts – to use, and as expected the forward thinking money makers of our time are finally dipping their toes in. It starts with a few creative risks and builds from there, with evidence in this WSJ brief about YouTube:

It is hard to make concrete-repair entertaining, but Crack Team USA Inc. of St. Louis, tried to do so with a Sopranos spoof… Since the video went up on YouTube last month, it has had nearly 700 views. Says CEO Bob Kodner: “From a business owner’s standpoint, the worst reaction you can get with an ad campaign is apathy. We don’t want to offend anyone’s sensibilities, but we do want to be remembered.”

The future of advertising? Or is production and distribution too simple for the ad industry to price itself into? Perhaps the future of PR, then…going back to Telos’ whole raison d’etre, the audience is there, the delivery is there, all that’s left is the content itself.


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