The Pummeling of Mr. Mackey


On the heels of our post about the media’s roll down the slope of unreliability, we have to smack ourselves on the forehead and take a look at corporations that are going to tarnish this growing and fantastic opportunity for advancing their credibility.

Naturally chat rooms and blogs open themselves up for masked crusaders to have a go at pushing their agenda: in this corner we have Whole Foods CEO John Mackey – weighing in at an organically-fed 180 pounds – looking to bump his company’s stock by doing his best impersonation of an active and totally, completely, of course unbiased shopper who simply loves Whole Foods and follows its progress on every level. In the other corner, we have – weighing in at a busy 800 pounds – the SEC.

The Journal’s blog (a more free-thinking version of the first link) suggests that regulators should sit this one out. We’ll have to defer to the legions of astute legal minds out there, but from a thought leadership standpoint we would all benefit from a figurative but highly public pummeling of Mr. Mackey. Set the example, please, so that consumers can count on most business leaders to use these valuable media channels to disseminate and discuss useful, trustworthy information.

For God’s sake, think of the children…!


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