Rip Van Winkle awakes to visions of Rupert Murdoch


Whoa. Quite a hiatus there, apologies to Telos’ faithful reader(s). Life took the reins away for a bit but now we raise our heads and see some interesting activity in the media. Specifically, we’re taken aback by the fact that Rupert Murdoch’s quest for media supremacy may now extend to include Dow Jones, inclusive of the Wall Street Journal.

When one conglomerate with one ideal owns major media outlets that penetrate every market demographic from Fox Studios to Wall Street, that means there is also an agenda penetrating that same market. Consider, for example, that CNBC – a longstanding and trustworthy source of unbiased business news – could be a potential casualty of this merger. WSJ itself points out that Murdoch plans to launch a rival business channel; should the deal go through Dow Jones’ agreement to supply CNBC with content would undoubtedly be, shall we say, in question.

Of course, poor Rupert isn’t the only one who makes us think twice when we get our news. The New York Times had its own share of ethical debacles, and there’s always a good plagiarism scandal waiting in the wings.

It all begs the question: who is telling the story? Better yet, can we trust them?

In ten years, news will officially be entertainment (if it isn’t already). Information will come from other sources. Credible sources. Corporate sources with their agendas worn on their sleeve.

We’re setting the Tivo now.


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