ROI on the mind


We spend a lot of time thinking about ROI, and by “we” I mean…everyone. That’s a good thing, because the whole “it takes money to make money” thing isn’t going away, and intelligent investments in corporate development need to do better than pay for themselves.

This was dusted off a bit in the last Telos post, but it deserves a second wind as yet another piece of research came to light that demonstrates why outreach and exposure in smart places matter more these days. Wellesley Hills Group (WHG) did a study on how brand recognition ties to lead generation, and while there’s a slew of good information there the crux for our purposes is that “if you infuse value in marketing, and sustain your marketing over an extended period of time, you build awareness and esteem for your firm’s services at the same time you generate leads.”

The upshot is that a high percentage of well-recognized companies have an easier time with successful lead generation, as long as the efforts are focused and patient. Marketing for marketing’s sake is dead and buried and should stay there. That’s where ROI goes to die as well, cozying up with a matching headstone. There’s a nice list of phrases that accurately describe such unfocused efforts, as marketing clients or prospects have said directly they don’t want to “throw good money after bad,” “throw mud at the wall in hopes of it sticking,” or “shovel sh–” (that was a nice one).

These are legitimate concerns, but can be made illegitimate by the right approach to brand exposure. The key is tapping into the right channels to reach the right audiences, boosting lead generation and adding directly to marketing ROI.


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