Aristotle, business, and the new media outlook


Telos is a term handed down by Aristotle, and as thought leaders go you don’t get much more old school than the Greeks. As a term – or an ideal – Telos translates into “the end goal:” simply put, we all have a Telos when we wriggle out into the world, and our lives are the pursuit of that Telos. We are born with strengths and talents that subtly nudge us in one direction or another. When we find our true path, Telos is why we love what we do. It’s why passion and business coexist.

Telos Communications was launched this month for business leaders who understand that their passion, expertise and vision together form a marketable piece of their company and a critical pillar of their success. Our thought leaders are therefore standing atop the principles of a founding father of philosophy. Neat.

Corporate leaders climbing toward their Telos will find their individual drive is inextricably linked to their individual enterprise. Everything is built on their intellectual contributions and on those of their team. The trick is helping target audiences understand where the business’ strengths and talents lie and in what manner they’re being leveraged to achieve the end goal.

Enter Telos Communications.

We believe strongly in all of the above and see a fascinating convergence of thought leadership and evolving media delivery that makes Telos all the more relevant. Information is instantaneous and available in a dizzying array of vehicles; channeling the vision and expertise of forward-thinking leaders means strategically identifying the best way to reach an audience and executing with innovation. Old media (i.e., print publications, speaking engagements) plus new media (i.e., blogs, podcasts) opens a world of opportunity to engage an audience.

Telos Communications is excited about not only applying its beliefs on behalf of clients, but on investigating how this convergence alters the business and media landscape. In this space, we’ll keep an eye on the leaders who bring their expertise and vision to life. We’ll Think Telos and will keep you posted (yes, blog pun intended).


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